Monday, 25 November 2013

30 days 'til Christmas!

We're now edging towards the end of November, and with 30 days until Christmas it's not long until thousands of people get shiny new kindles.

December is a weird month for book buyers. People buy more paperbacks at Christmas as they make great gifts, but eBooks sales are not so great compared to November/ January. We're still seeing the tail end of the summer slump (our month to month average is down by several hundred sales since earlier this year), but we've got high hopes that a new book is just the catalyst we need.

We're intending to launch Cleaver Square just before Christmas. This might seem a little counter-intuitive given that we know sales are poor right before Christmas, but it's not as silly as it seems.

When sales are low across the board, it takes less to get visibility. If you've got a sequel coming out, then some of your fans will pick it up in week one no matter when it's released. We're hoping our existing following will be enough to chart well before Christmas Day and then keep us there until the 25th. If that happens, we get Christmas peak visibility: That includes space, we hope, on the Hot New Releases List.
As a bit of a thank you to our loyal fans, we're launching at 99c/ 99p as an introductory rate. We will be going up to $4.99 later on as we do have significant production costs to cover, and we think that it's a fair rate.

We'll be launching 'digital first' with only the English edition eBook available initially. Our trade paperback, foreign language and large print editions will follow in January. This is so that we can concentrate our efforts on weeding out those last minute typographical and formatting errors rather than trying to do everything all at once. It also gives us a little bit of breathing room with scheduling our various external contractors (editors/ proofreaders/ translators).

Our ARC copies will go out one week prior to going live, so if you've asked for an advanced reader copy then we'll be contacting you shortly to make sure you get it.

Until then, we're available on twitter as usual if you need us.

Dan & Sean

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  1. Yes! Cleaver Square's gone straight onto my Christmas wish list!