Monday, 18 November 2013

Free copy of any of our books for those donating to any Typhoon Haiyan relief agency.

Afternoon all,

Typhoon Haiyan is probably the worst natural disaster in history. The response to it from the international community has been amazing, but there's much more we can do. 

In reality, it comes down to money. We have it. They need it.

Whether it's £1 or £100, I seriously urge all my readers, author friends and random blog visitors to dig deep. Every penny counts. Sean & I have donated our last 3 months of book royalties: Every penny earned by our books in August, September and October has been donated. If we get any further sales in those months (e.g. due to late reporting on paperback sales sold via wholesalers that report well in arrears) then we'll send that money over too.

If you donate, or have donated any amount at all then we'd like to say thank you by sending you a free e-copy of one of our books. Any one, your choice. We aren't asking for any proof - we'll take your word for it. 

If you'd like to take us up on this offer, then email us on with your choice.

You can have:
·         Dead on Demand (.mobi for Kindle or ePub for everything else)
·         Can't Sell, Won't Sell
·         How (Not) to Become a Lord
·         One of our legal texts (De Minimis' guide to Mooting or Negotiation)
·         An ARC copy of Cleaver Square when it's ready

Fancy one of 'em, but not donated? Here are our choices for aid agencies:
·         GlobalMedic: This Canadian organisation is getting clean water to victims.
·         Habitat for Humanity: They send emergency shelter kits out.
·         World Vision: Food and basic provisions
·         UNICEF: Medicine and clean water
·         United Nations World Food Program: Meals for those in need
·         NAFCON (National Alliance for Filipino Concerns): A local grassroots group getting the money to other agencies on the ground.
·         Red Cross: Rescue and relief efforts.

Thank you all.


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