Tuesday, 19 November 2013

We're moving.

What's in a name?

We'll be launching Cleaver Square soon. It's been 564 days since we released Dead on Demand. In that time, it's been downloaded many thousands of times at big name retailers like Amazon, Kobo and Apple.
It is with a twinge of sadness that I have to drop our 90days branding. It was an interesting moniker - we came in well under our challenge deadline. But we now know we can't keep up a 'once every 90 days' release schedule.

Keeping to the 90daysnovel name would therefore be highly misleading. We'll leave this site up, but as a 'single page' history of the 90 days bet and what came out of it. That change will happen between now and New Year's Eve if all goes to plan.

This change gives us an opportunity to rebrand to something more appropriate to what we write, but it also means a shiny new website.

For simplicity's sake, this new site will probably run on Wordpress; there are so many nice plug-ins that make it easy to use. We've loved using blogger - it's dead simple, and it's free.

But you can't skin a blogger blog as well as you can a wordpress install.

A new website means design work, photography to be done, SEO optimisation, a shiny new domain name (which we're keeping under wraps until launch). It's going to be hard work which is why I'm letting Dan do it all :) Just kidding.

So to summarise:
  • This site will run as normal for the immediate future - including guest posts (we have availability for November and December for authors to come say hi - just email us on authors@90daysnovel.com).
  • At a to-be-determined date, we'll shift our digital home to a new site.
  • Once we've moved, 90daysnovel.com will become a digital record of how two morons decided to try and write a novel in 90 days despite not knowing what they were doing (we still don't!)
  • We'll switch out social media names/ URLs to match the new branding

Oh, and we'll be launching Cleaver Square :)

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