Sunday, 29 December 2013

2013 round-up

With just two days left of 2013, it's time for a quick annual round up.

This year, we published How (Not) to Become a Lord or Lady (which is a non-fiction short guide to the British peerage system), as well as Cleaver Square (our headline DCI Morton story for 2013).

The latter has now been out a week, and isn't doing too badly. It's at about fifty copies, plus the three thousand or so free copies given to reviewers. Reviews have begun to trickle in - 5 so far. Many thanks to those that have bought/ reviewed/ tweeted about it - I know you've all been as busy as we have over Christmas, so to have any sales during a soft launch is wonderful. We've got a little promo lined up over the next three months, so hopefully this will start to find it's audience.

We also promised to update Can't Sell, Won't Sell. We're doing that now, and using it as a good excuse to try out Scrivener which we're having a lot of fun with.

Click for a larger pic - you can see the topics we want to cover in the second edition. It's pretty thorough, but if you have any specific requests then leave a comment and we'll consider it :) As ever, this title will be free (at least at Smashwords - it's up to Amazon whether they price match or not).

Next year is going to be a busy one. We've got a couple of pseudonymous projects under way, and Dan has his Utopia Project story coming out at the end of the year. We will also release one new DCI David Morton story if all goes to plan.

We'll be moving away from our 90 days branding too. We've got KillerFiction under construction which is our new crime website - dedicated to showcasing our favourite crime fiction authors and their books.

Another item on our (very long) to-do list is a review of Dead on Demand. While we loved writing it, we do wonder if there are elements that should be changed. At the very least, we'll give this another once over for copy-editing errors prior to promoting DCI David Morton more heavily.

We hope you've had a wonderful 2013, and wish you all the very best for 2014.

Happy New Years all!

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