Sunday, 15 December 2013

Guest post by Julia Hughes.

Today, we welcome Julia back to the blog. She's just released The Griffin's Boy, which has almost immediately jumped to the top 100 in genre on; here's Julia to tell us more.

Guest post by Julia Hughes.

Hi again Dan and Sean, and hello to all your lovely readers, who are probably scratching their heads and wondering why a flight of griffins have swooped onto your site.

The answer is a) you're a couple of swells, and always willing to help out fellow authors, and b) all fiction, from the most hard boiled detective novel to "Lord of The Rings", is fantasy – to an extent.

JRR Tolkien's fans are probably more eager to suspend disbelief than, say, those who enjoy Jeffrey Deaver's or your own tightly written thrillers, yet the core principals of an enjoyable read remain the same.

I'm hoping your readers are like me, and always keen to try something new – and since Book 1 in The Griffin Riders' Chronicles "The Griffin Cryer" will be free to download until midnight EST Sunday, and its brand new hot off the press sequel, "The Griffin's Boy" is available right now at a special promotional price of only 99 cents (around 77p) – there isn't a lot to lose.

But there is a whole new world to gain.

Thank you both again for all your support, you're fantastic ambassadors for the indie author wave. Along with the rest of your fans, I'm so looking forward to reading your own soon to be published "Cleaver Square".

Because why stick to one genre when there are so many great stories and worlds to explore?!

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  1. Thank you Gentlemen:)
    Tell Dan to get the pizzas in - and this time I want a drawing of a griffin on my carton!