Saturday, 21 December 2013

The end is nigh for Cleaver Square

I'm always a little sad, and a lot relieved, when I finish a book. I'm leaving behind the research, the characters and the story but I get to start on something new too.

Like any other author, I'm nervous. Will people like it? Will it sell? The Kindle market is constantly changing; it's only a few years old. We're on more venues than ever before, and that means complying with rules for Kindle, Nook, iTunes etc, all of which do things a little differently.

We've also got the weight of expectation upon us. We need to match, and hopefully exceed, what we delivered the first time.

Cleaver Square launches digital first. That means you can get the eBook from Monday 23rd December: We'll put links up to the various store pages then. Our trade paperback, and our foreign language editions, will follow shortly.

ARCs are going out now. The electronic copies will have begun to arrive, but it will take us a while as we've had a lot of requests and it's all being done by hand. Paperback copies are going to lag behind a little, and that will be exacerbated by international postage. We've got copies going all over the places, so please bear with us while we get them sent out.

For those not wanting a review copy, you'll be pleased to know we're doing an early bird discount: Cleaver Square will launch at 99c/ 99p to give you guys a chance to try it out first, and to thank you for being our first return customers (/ brave new readers). It's in the same world as Dead on Demand, but the new story stands alone: Reading it won't ruin Dead on Demand, or vice versa.

Thanks again for sticking with us these past eighteen months; we love you guys.

Merry Christmas,


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