Thursday, 16 January 2014

2014 to-do list

Morning all,
We've set the ball rolling for permafree on Dead on Demand today (so don't buy it if you can wait!). We're still mid-way through making a few minor changes to the text which is basically a 'spruce up' to ensure stylistic consistency - once we've done that, we'll note the revision in the description on venues, and update this blog to say so.

The rest of our to-do list is looking quite busy too:

Can't Sell, Won't Sell updates: CSWS has become dated as the kindle market has changed, but as it's a free title, it's the bottom of our priority list. We'll let you all know when the new edition is done - if any author friends want to review the amendments / comment, we'd be happy to send a copy over early.

DoD tweaks - this is our #1 priority, and should be done this month. We'll contract an outside copyeditor to go through it one more time after we've made our tweaks. How do people feel about us changing a character name? 'Fenton' will be renamed unless we have significant friction as more than one of you has emailed to point out it's easy to confuse with Morton. Damn that bloody dog video!

The next Morton novel - we've got three premises we like, and will decide which, if any, to outline. We're hoping to release #3 in September.

Non-Morton projects. We've got some pseudonymous stuff that's currently being written. More on this later this year, if we decide to go public with our pen names.

Reviews - we're constantly sending out review copies. We're still waiting on author print copies of Cleaver Square, so we can't send those out yet; this will be done as soon as humanly possible.

Boring admin-y stuff - like tax returns; as co-authors, we're a partnership which means extra paperwork

Reporting the perma free - We're hoping 'zon will pick it up on their own, but if DoD still isn't free when the new edition is ready, we'll be asking you lot to give them a nudge and set it free.

Foreign language editions - these are outsourced, so timetables won't be fixed until we get them back; can proof the new editions; sort amended art, format etc. Good translators are pricey so we'll to start with the biggest markets - Spanish, German and Chinese.

Large print - this will follow after trade paperback

Audio versions - in the works, but a long term thing

As we mentioned yesterday, we are changing how DCI Morton is priced - the whole series will remain static, but by making book 1 free we expand our reach, improve our royalty (which means we can eat/ edit etc) and not cost you guys any more. If you're cost conscious, we're still at 99c for Cleaver Square for a little longer.

So there we go, our immediate 'for 2014' task-list. It'll undoubtedly grow ever-longer, but hopefully we can up the ante a bit this year - our 2013 wasn't as good as our 2012, mainly because we left a huge gap between DoD and CS. This won't be the case in 2014 :)

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