Sunday, 26 January 2014

Permafree: Day 4

Dead on Demand has now been permafree since Thursday, so today is the fourth calendar day of free. At the moment, it's only in the UK (though we have chased Amazon re making it free everywhere else too).

So far, with no advertising, we've had 1631 downloads. This isn't anywhere near the 11k/ day we had in Sep 2012, but we're not actually advertising it. We've not even tweeted about it. Our permafree has gone from nothing up to #22 in the UK (#18 overnight) without any ad budget. Admittedly, it seems quiet on the free front - it hasn't taken an enormous number of freeloads to get into the overall store top 100.

The reason we're not actively pushing it is simple: we're still working on our re-edit that should ensure a little more stylistic similarity between DoD and CS. The second reason is that we'd be advertising to a global audience while only the UK is free - we need .com to go to $0 too. Once those are done, we'll begin to utilise all the free promo opportunities at our disposal.

Freeloads don't appear to be substantially boosting sales of our backlist, yet. We're up a little, but nothing to shout home about. Time will tell whether this works for us.

We're also seeing some uptick in general visibility - approximately 100 extra unique visitors to this blog today, an extra dozen or so emails more than normal for a weekend, and an increase in friend requests on goodreads. Free is still exceptionally good for gaining immediate and widespread visibility. This is off the back of just one store matching to free - and it isn't the biggest eBook store either.

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