Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Permafree, day 6

At the end of day 5/ beginning of day 6 (120 hours), we have had: 188 US freeloads & 2496 UK freeloads.

So far, the UK downloads are converting at a very low rate - approximately 0.6%, but the DoD downloaders probably won't have read DoD yet, so this rate is preliminary and we won't know how much effect it has on Cleaver Square sales for a couple of months.

In the US, we've seen no appreciable difference in sales, but if the US sees the same 0.6% early conversion rate then our 188 downloads to date would only be worth approximately one sale (which is easily lost within the daily sales range). Again, it's too early to call.

We're continuing to see a small uptick in social media visibility, but nothing huge yet. As per the previous posts, we are not actively promoting - the 2684 downloads so far are entirely down to organic freeloads that have led to Amazon list placement.

Curiously, our non-Amazon freeloads have remained pretty minimal.

This book had already been free, with 55,500 downloads in 5 days back in 2012. That bulk of freeloads does not appear to have caused any market saturation issues. It's doubtful whether we'll hit #1 again, but we're very happy with our momentum so far.

As a quick recap, our DoD refresh is underway. So far this has meant:

· Some linguistic tightening to replace passive sentences with active sentences

· Stylistic changes to conform to New Hart's Rules

· Shorter chapters in keeping with CS

· Renaming of characters where the names were too similar

· One light copyedit to be booked to make sure the changes do not introduce new errors

This is being done in anticipation of the increased 'views' expected as a result of the freeloads. The more copies out there, the more noticeable latent errors become. We want DoD to have the same tone as Cleaver Square, as this should lead to a greater follow-through in sales. Of course, it also means a better product for readers - not a bad deal when it's free to begin with.

These changes should be made within the next few weeks, and we'll update the blog to let you all know when it's done.

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