Monday, 1 June 2015

Ten Guilty Men Cover Reveal

We promised you a cover reveal today for Ten Guilty Men. This is it.

Ten Guilty Men is the third DCI Morton novel (though as with Dead on Demand and Cleaver Square, it is self contained so it the books can be read in any order). The cover was designed and digitally painted by the lovely Nadica Boshkovska. This is the third DCI Morton novel that she's covered, and I think it might just be her best design yet.

An anonymous tip leads DCI Morton to a detached house in Richmond where he finds the body of Ellis DeLange, celebrity photographer and socialite extraordinaire.

Morton must investigate the details of Ellis' private life while keeping the baying mob of journalists out front away from the investigation, dealing with Ellis' highly secretive celebrity friends and trying to answer the one question that keeps on nagging at him: who called in the anonymous tip?

The investigation takes a bizarre turn when a key witness reveals she saw a man fleeing from the crime scene in the dead of night - without any clothes on.

Ten Guilty Men will be released on September 1st 2015.

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