Thursday, 23 July 2015

Money – What did we do with it?

We’ve now been in publishing for a smidge over three years. Each year we’ve had a fair number of sales resulting in a modest profit. We’re not making mega money – but with only one full-length novel priced above £0.00, we wouldn’t expect to. Our aim has always been to look at the long run – lots of cheap copies means more readers for books 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 etc. We think the best chance of success is to provide books people want to read at prices they want to pay.

As you guys knows our third DCI Morton novel, Ten Guilty Men, launches on September 1st. We’ll have a pre-order page up in a couple of week’s times, and we’ll post the link up here when it is live. 

Launch price - £1.99! Or read it for Free with Kindle Unlimited.

Today I want to talk about what we’re spending our royalties on. Your purchases of our books are funding Dan’s other passion – cooking.

Last month Dan took his final chef’s exam (called a synoptic). He was given a bunch of obscure ingredients and tasked with creating a Fine Dining menu for four guests plus his examiners to be cooked under exam conditions (i.e. with people watching his every move!).

We’re delighted to say he passed with flying colours. Yay.

But just going to catering college only gets you so far. Becoming a chef means studying under the world’s best chefs as an intern. Dan has done work experience already in some of the finest restaurants in the UK.

For him to learn any more, he needs to go to Michelin-starred kitchens abroad, and he has been fortunate enough to secure an internship with one of the best restaurants in the world starting next month, so he’ll be off to Copenhagen for 13 weeks – which means he’ll be paying out of pocket for the costs of travel, accommodation etc while working an unpaid internship.

And that’s where your purchases come in. By buying Cleaver Square, you’ve given Dan the opportunity to pursue his dreams without having to resort to loans or working extra jobs while he does his internship.

It still seems so incredible that two guys with a copy of Word can go from a silly bet about writing a book to earning enough to finance life-changing trips in a few short years. It's nothing short of miraculous and we really appreciate your support so thank you. Thank you for reading our books, for taking a chance on two unknown authors, and for helping to make a dream become a reality.

P.S. Dan’s trip will mean that I (Sean) will be taking over all emails/ tweets/ facebook messages and everything else while he’s away.

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