Saturday, 22 August 2015

9 Days to Go

Dan left on his trip this morning. Thanks to you guys, he’s off on a three month culinary adventure in Copenhagen funded by royalties from Cleaver Square.

While Dan is off learning, I’ll be here in the office working away on DCI Morton #4. Before he left, we plotted out most of the storyline, and we’ve written the first few chapters to make sure it feels right.

But after this point, DCI Morton #4 is likely to be a bit of a solo effort. We’ve got to keep up the pace of production, lest we lose the momentum the series has going, so we’re aiming for a (slightly ambitious) early 2016 release. We’ll confirm more on that in a few months’ time as #4 moves into the editing stages.

Before that, DCI Morton #3, Ten Guilty Men, launches at the end of the month. Many of you have pre-ordered it already which is awesome (so thank you very much). Those early purchases make a big difference to the momentum we’ll have as the books launches, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the take up as I know pre-orders are a hard sell. I’ve bought several thousand eBooks in the past few years but there are a grand total of zero pre-orders in my Amazon account history.

Pre-orders should be a hard sell. No samples. No reviews. No word of mouth. And in our case,very little paid advertising (because, let’s face it, we have to build that cost into the price of the book so you guys would be paying for it!).
Despite that we’ll launch with sales that exceed the lifetime average for an eBook. Yep. Day zero, and we’ll have more than the average eBook typically sells (which isn’t much – 2.6 million eBooks on Amazon, thousands more every month, equal very few purchases per title for those below the tip of the iceberg that you can see in the charts).
What we really need are reviews. We’ve sent out a lot of free ARCs to reviewers, but we’ve still got time to send out a few more. If you want a free copy, send us an email before the end of the month with your preferred electronic format (sorry, no paperbacks – the costs of shipping globally eat up too much of the budget… and we’d have to build that cost into our pricing so they wouldn’t be truly free unlike eBooks).
And on the subject of print, we’ll have the trade paperback version of Ten Guilty Men available asap. If you’re after a signed copy, shoot us an email. For obvious reasons it’s me or Dan (as I’m in the UK and he’s in Denmark so it wouldn’t be practical for us both to sign copies).
Thanks again for your support. I hope Ten Guilty Mend does it justice.

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