Monday, 31 August 2015

Cleaver Square Promo: August 31st 'til September 6th

To celebrate the launch of Ten Guilty Men, we’re offering you the opportunity to pick up Cleaver Square at a discount.

From today until the 6th of September, Cleaver Square will be on a Kindle Countdown deal.
Still free.
In the UK, the price will drop from £1.99 to £0.99 for the whole period, while in the USA it’ll drop to 99c before climbing back to $2.99.

After that our pricing will still be cheap –“Three for three quid (and 98 pence)”.

That’s Dead on Demand for free, Cleaver Square for £1.99 and Ten Guilty Men for £1.99 (launch special). Total cost for the three: £3.98.

That’s days of reading (nearly a quarter of a million words, over a thousand print pages) for the price of a pint of beer (not that we’re knocking the beer).

Launch price £1.99
Usually £1.99 but 99p from August 31st 'til September 6th.

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