Wednesday, 9 September 2015


As an author you have to be a one man mariachi band pretty much 24/7. It’s like running a very small scale start up. You design the product. You project manage. You do graphical work. You market. You answer the phones and emails. You deal with money in, money out. You organize freelancers.

But really you just want to write.

When I heard about I had to give it a try.  

RockingDesigners is a new service from Adrijus at RockingBookCovers. You’ve probably read some of the authors he’s designed covers for which include bestsellers like Russell Blake, Jude Hardin and many more.

That quality usually comes at a hefty price (and it should!) but this new offering isn’t about book covers or fully-fledged websites. Instead, he’s offering authors the chance to buy graphics for everything from bookmarks to facebook covers, twitter headers as part of a subscription service.

It’s a win win. The cheapest package is $50 per month for ten items (per month) which puts it in the same ballpark as Fiverr in terms of cost, but you get brand name quality instead.

I signed up for that plan last week, and I’ve had four designs through so far; two twitter headers (one for my 99c promo for Cleaver Square, one for Dead on Demand) and a twitter-optimised banner for each book (which also looks good on facebook).

Here's what we've had so far:

Top to bottom that's banner, twitter header (for last week), twitter header for today, banner for our permafree. For each of these I got two concepts to choose from, and Adrijus has very kindly remade the 99c banner for use post-promo by swapping out the 'On Sale Today' text for a tagline. He also sent over the 3D book mockups he used to create these graphics, so if you include the multiple options, the updated text and the 3D mockups I've had 11 graphics designed for the ridiculously low price of $20 (four out of my ten designs for the month).

That's insanely good value. I can't hire an amateur in a third world country for that sort of pricing, but for pocket money pricing I've had one of the best graphics designers in Ireland on call to design stuff as and when I've needed it.

The click through on these has been super high. I've split tested graphics on facebook plenty of times, and the numbers don't lie. Good design makes a huge difference - and it looks awesome. Seriously go look at the twitter headers in-situ ( For $5 (or less!) a pop.

At that price, I can't afford not to.

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