Thursday, 22 October 2015

Paid Up

Authors complain about money. A lot. Most of them think they’re underpaid which may well be true.

But I’ve never once seen an author say ‘I’m being paid too much’. Actually I have never heard anyone say they're being paid too much.

So let’s change that. I’m being paid too much.

This month Cleaver Square will hit 20,000 sales on Amazon Kindle in total. We’ve been charging £1.99/ $2.99 for the book for most of that time (and when we didn’t it was via short term Kindle Countdown Deals). When you add in paperbacks, translations, etc, it’s earned something like £20,000 for us - which is pretty good for a book written in our spare time. And we'll continue to earn on it for a long time - because copyright lasts until 70 years after we're gone.

So I’m going to cut our prices. Again. We’re going to go right down to the wire and put Cleaver Square down to 99c/ 99p. That’s the lowest price that Amazon allow us to set.

We’ll go with the lowest price possible in every other region too. Whether you’re in Canada or Australia, Ireland or France, India or China, we’ll price at the lowest possible price that we can.

And Dead on Demand will remain free.

Finally, for those who have already got Cleaver Square, we’ll do two things:
  1. We’ll cut Ten Guilty Men to 99p/99c for a week when book 4 launches.
  2. We’ll launch book 4 at a preorder special price of 99p.
Yep. Our next full length brand new DCI Morton novel which we’re due to publish in Q1 of 2016 will be available to preorder for 99p/ 99c (and then go up to £1.99/ $2.99 after that - still cheaper than virtually everyone else).

If the big publishers want to ask £11.99 for a preorder then let’s prove that we can do it for less than 10% of that and still turn a profit. Readers do not have to be gouged for authors to earn a fair wage. And if £2.98 for three books is still too much you can borrow it for free with Kindle Unlimited or pirate a copy. Nobody should miss out on killer fiction because of the price.


  1. Your success is well deserved, especially as you share it in so many ways.

    However, I must just add that you seem to be able to write a book so much faster than most other people, so their rate of pay per hour is so much less than yours. But it is wonderful that you make your great books available so cheaply. A big thank you.

    1. Hi Anna,

      We write one book a year. In four years, we've published four books. I don't think this is particularly fast. There are plenty of authors putting out three or more every year, and a few managing as many as one a month.

      I suspect some of those who write less than one a year are not writing full time. Obviously there are exceptions - especially in research-heavy genres - so take this with a dash of salt. But anyone expecting to be paid full time wages for part time writing is very likely going to be disappointed. If an author is putting bum in chair nine to five every day, and still not managing one book a year, then it might be time to reevaluate just where that time is going.

      Very few of us will ever get to do the GRRM style of authorship. It's publish or perish out there.

      Thanks for commenting.

      All the best,