Thursday, 4 February 2016

New Website Incoming

In about a month’s time we’ll be moving to a new website. A rebrand has been long overdue because the 90days moniker only ever applied to Dead on Demand (and, in retrospect, it shows). Writing fast was something we wanted to do just to prove we could. In the 23 days it took to write, edit and publish Dead on Demand we showed that two idiots can write a novel.

What we didn’t prove was that we could write our best work in that same timeframe. Like many novices we made a lot of mistakes that would have been blindingly obvious to a more experienced author. We had too many characters for a stand-alone. We had names which were too similar such that the good cop and the bad cop were easily muddled. We relied on shock value too much.

We’re still proud of having written Dead on Demand. It’s been surprisingly well received with a 4* average worldwide after over a thousand reviews across all venues. And many thousands of you have gone on to try the (much better) sequels Cleaver Square and Ten Guilty Men.

In a few shorts months we’ll be coming up on 4 years since Dead on Demand, and we’ll be publishing the 4th book in the series, The Patient Killer, with a killer early-bird special price by way of a thank you to those that have stuck with us. The Patient Killer will launch at 99p/ 99c for the first week, AND we’ll have free ARC copies available before publication.

Before then we’re moving to which will allow us to shed the 90daysnovel moniker (with this site remaining up as a redirect), add some shiny branded graphics, and focus on balancing the content between stuff for readers and random blog posts. We’re also aiming to get blogging more regularly again this year, and we’d love to get a ‘Resources for Writers’ section of the website going (so if you’ve got requests, leave a comment).

Thank you again for sticking by us. We don’t deserve it, but we’re grateful nonetheless.

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