Saturday, 26 March 2016

March Update: 5 weeks 'til The Patient Killer

Pre-blog post warning: Any day now we'll be permanently moving over to We'll put copies of blog posts up here at for a while, but eventually we'll cease blogging at this address.

We’ve been busy behind the scenes for the last few months. The Spanish version of Dead on Demand went live in February ($2.99 at all good book stores; sorry we can’t go free on translation).

The new website is underway. We still have a fair bit of content left to write which has taken a backseat to writing actual books.

The fourth Morton book is in the copy-editing stage. Over the next 5 weeks it’ll go through several more rounds of editing, and then we’ll stick it on Amazon circa May the 4th (which happens to be our 4 year anniversary as authors, yay).

As ever we’re going to try and be as fair as we can on the price. We can’t do free, and 99c is just not economical as a long term price (the 35c author/publisher share per copy isn’t enough to pay our costs, keep the tax man happy, and still have enough to live on) so we’ll go for a compromise: we’ll put it up at 99c/99p for one week to give you guys a chance to bag it for a discount, and then it’ll revert to a business-as-usual price of £1.99/ $2.99 (which is still cheaper than most of the competition). As ever it’ll be free for those with Kindle Unlimited subscriptions too.

Coming to an Amazon store near you May 4th 2016.
We'll add the store links here as they go live. Check back in a few weeks (or join our mailing list to get an email notification).

Without further ado, our much-stolen-from-our-last-launch Launch FAQ from The Patient Killer:

When will I be charged?
Amazon charge on release - so expect a charge to be made on or around May 4th

How will it be delivered?
Amazon will whisper-sync it to your kindle the first time you connect after release.

How much is it?
The normal price will be £1.99 or regional equivalent.

What order should I read the DCI Morton novels in?
Any. The stories are all stand-alone so you can pick which one you like, but the chronological order is as follows:
1. Dead on Demand
2. Cleaver Square
3. Ten Guilty Men
4. The Patient Killer

Can I have a free copy?
Yes - if you're willing to give us an honest review in return. Send us an email if you'd like a review copy. These will be available up to May the 3rd. After it’s live on Amazon we’ll be exclusive to Amazon for a while (and that includes giving away copies as well as selling them).

Can I interview you on my website?
Yes (please). Send us an email.

What if I don't like it?
You'll have a full seven days from release to return it for a full refund, no questions asked. Just use the 'Return' option within Manage My Kindle.

Will The Patient Killer be included in Kindle Unlimited?
Yes. For at least the first 90 days, you'll be able to read for free if you've got a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

I've read The Patient Killer When's the next one out?
Missing Persons is currently scheduled for around January 2017. Watch this space.

Who made the cover?
Nadica Boshkovska. She's excellent. I highly recommend her.

Can I get a signed paperback?
Send us an email, and we'll see what we can do. We’re going digital first with this one, so it might be a few months before a paperback is available.

Do you offer alternative versions for the visually impaired?
We can supply a digital braille copy on demand (just email us). We’ll also try and get an audio version available when it’s feasible to do so (only Dead on Demand is available in audio in present; send us an email if you want a copy of that).

When will translations be available?
We don’t have any translations for The Patient Killer planned yet.

Subsidiary rights?
As of this blog post all subsidiary rights to The Patient Killer are available. Send us an email to enquire.

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