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  1. Hi Sean, have sent u a message on FB

  2. 're: 9.99 per month Amazon idea..... I would definitely be one of those readers that would drive proceeds down. I read on average 4 books a week, sometimes up to 7. I would still prefer the authors got the higher amount of royalties through my purchases. I do take advantage of free book offers but will buy future books of I like the work.

    1. Honestly, I don't blame you. The whole point of an all you can eat subscription is that you use it as much as you can - and at 20 books a month, it sounds like you'd find Kindle Unlimited quite good value (assuming you can't grab the Select titles you want on their Free days).

      My objection is that Amazon are being less than transparent with pay - because it's a pot being divided. The other subscription models, Scribd and Oyster pay the usual sale royalty after 10% of the book is read (though I wonder how sustainable that is long term). At least with Scribd and Oyster authors opt in - it's their choice. With Amazon, we had no advance warning and were simply enrolled automatically if we were in Select.

      We choose to do free too - and it's a great thing for both readers and authors . I choose to risk giving away thousands of copies. If I was awful, I'd probably live to regret that. But for Dan and I, it has worked reasonably well. As we write crime we know there is a big audience so we can afford to charge very little per person and make it up in the long run with lots of readers.